KD Unfinished Studio Bifold Futon Frame FULL #7722-BI-F
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The Unfinished Studio Bifold futon frame has four positions and wheels to make it easy to convert. It stands 10" above the floor in the bed position. If you add an eight inch futon mattress to this futon frame, your platform bed height will be around 18 inches. Because it is just a couple inches shorter than the futon mattress you select, it takes up very little space in your home or office. The reason the frame is smaller is that it looks neater with the same amount of functionality. You also do not have to worry about banging your shins on any wood edges that might otherwise protrude. We thought of everything!
The Bifold futon frame is made of unfinished kiln dried poplar hardwood which is grown in the southern Appalachian mountains and manufactured right here in the USA. Its heavy duty carriage bolt construction makes it sturdy and its simple design means it is easy to assemble.
The classic look of the bifold futon frame with its unfinished smooth wood is a great addition to any decor. Order it now to reclaim valuable lost space. Your new unifished futon is so economical, you can consider spending the money you saved on the frame on a better futon mattress.
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KD Unfinished Studio Bifold Futon Frame FULL #7722-BI-F

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